Scott Mouat | Director of Photography


Scott’s work includes the popular discovery UK show ‘Modern Dinosaurs’, and  PBS’s Big Pacific.  He’s as passionate about storytelling as he is about capturing stunning images.  He’s worked throughout New Zealand and filmed many of its secretive and critically endangered species including the kākāpō  (New Zealand’s critically endangered night parrot) and the Hoiho (yellow-eyed penguin).  Over the past few years he's worked for a variety of companies including the BBC, WGBH, and NHNZ and filmed in a variety of countries including New Zealand, Sri Lanka, China and the Middle East.  

His kit is a balance of light-weight and high quality gear.  It includes a set of lightweight fujinon cine zooms, the FS7 and the Inspire 1 drone with the X5r camera and a feather light gib.  These tools form the basis of his documentary kit allowing him to achieve high end 4k images while minimising high end hassles.  A system especially useful when documenting actual events in remote and hard to reach locations. A system proven to yield documentaries with a high end cinematic look and genuine feel. Scott owns and operates a variety of other filmmaking equipment, a full list is available here.  He's also worked with the Red Epic and Sony F55.

When it comes to natural history his emphasis is always on character and behaviour, essential elements to any wildlife story, and he’s spent many hours in hides, day and night, creating intimate sequences around his subjects.  From penguins to parrots his approach is simple, the subject should be completely oblivious to your presence.  This often transfers to his work with people, working as close as possible but not impeding the activity, becoming an invisible part of the team and always looking for moments of action, reaction, humour, anger, frustration, triumph, tragedy.

Motion time-lapse, drone aerials (He holds a current CAA approved drone pilot certificate that allows him to work for CAA 102 approved companies), long lens work and infrared, scott’s experience covers many areas and a variety of equipment.

Known for his patience, careful composition and thorough coverage, he works hard to capture beautiful and genuine moments that visually progress the story whatever the subject matter, wherever the location. 

His work has screened to audiences around the world on channels such as BBC2, Discovery, Animal Planet and PBS. He has produced and directed ‘The Unnatural History of the Kakapo’, an award winning feature length documentary.  He continues to work as DoP on a variety of projects including Grand Designs NZ and Volcanic New Zealand.  He's also working on a short film on the Takahe, and developing a series for New Zealand TV.  See below for a some of his more recent TV work. 

Scott's also the co founder of Peekavu, an augmented reality app, and has created and advised on a number of augmented reality projects.

Based in NZ and the UK his dual nationality helps him work around the world.   Prior to working as a documentary DoP Scott served with the British Army, first as a communications mechanic then, after commissioning from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst,  as an infantry officer.  His 7 years of service included 2 .5 years of active duty.  He now lives in Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island.

Latest Work


Last year I worked as DP on Modern Dinosaurs, a fun show that took us all around New Zealand.  Created by Making Movies, Modern Dinosaurs is screening on Sunday evenings on Discovery UK.


I was also involved with NHNZ's Big Pacific.  I spent several weeks filming a family of rare and secretive Yellow-Eyed Penguins.  Big Pacific is currently screening on Discovery UK.



Finalist, Best Feature Documentary, Qantas Film and TV Awards

Best NZ Filmmaker,Reel Earth Film Festival 2010

Best Sound, Documentary Edge Festival 2010

Best Director, Documentary Edge Festival 2010

Best Cinematography, Documentary Edge Festival 2010

Merit Award, Human Wildlife Interaction, IWFF 2010, USA

Best Newcomer, CMS Vatavaran 2011, India

Best NZ Cinematography, Reel Earth Film Festival 2010

Winner, Best Ornithological Film, Menigoute Festival.

Best Feature Documentary, Documentary Edge Festival 2010