Scott Mouat

Self Shooting Producer/Director | Director of Photography | Drone Pilot | Editor


Male Kākāpō

Filmed with the Infrared Sony A7s

Scott’s an award winning cinematographer and director. His work includes the popular discovery UK show ‘Modern Dinosaurs’, and  PBS’s Big Pacific.  He’s as passionate about storytelling as he is about capturing stunning images.  He’s worked throughout New Zealand and filmed many of its secretive and critically endangered species including the kākāpō  (New Zealand’s critically endangered night parrot) and the Hoiho (yellow-eyed penguin).  Over the past few years he's worked for a variety of companies including the BBC, WGBH, and NHNZ and filmed in a variety of countries including New Zealand, Africa, Sri Lanka, China and the Middle East.  

When it comes to natural history his emphasis is always on character and behaviour, essential elements to any wildlife story, and he’s spent many hours in hides, day and night, creating intimate sequences around his subjects.  From penguins to parrots his approach is simple, the subject should be completely oblivious to your presence.  This often transfers to his work with people, working as close as possible but not impeding the activity, becoming an invisible part of the team and always looking for moments of action, reaction, humour, anger, frustration, triumph, tragedy.

Motion time-lapse, drone aerials (He holds a current CAA approved drone pilot certificate and over 45 hours of flight time), long lens work and infrared, scott’s experience covers many areas and a variety of equipment including, Red, Sony and Canon and Nikon cameras, the inspire 1 and inspire 2.

Known for his patience, careful composition and thorough coverage, he works hard to capture beautiful and genuine moments that visually progress the story whatever the subject matter, wherever the location. 

His work has screened to audiences around the world on channels such as BBC2, Discovery, Animal Planet and PBS. He has produced and directed ‘The Unnatural History of the Kakapo’, an award winning feature length documentary.   See below for a some of his more recent TV work. 

Scott's also the co founder of Peekavu, an augmented reality app, and has created and advised on a number of augmented reality projects.


The 2018 showreel is a collection of images from some of the documentary shows Scott has worked on over the past 2 years.  This is a mix of work including Infrared, gimbal, long lens, wildlife and drone. The shows featured include Wildest New Zealand, A Tale of Two Penguins, Modern Dinosaurs, and Big Pacific's Passionate episode.  The 2018 showreel features Yellow-eyed Penguin, Tuatara, Little Blue Penguin, kākāpō and takahē.  Special thanks to Making Movies and  NHNZ. 



Last year we worked with Making Movies on the Platinum funded Prime TV show Beneath New Zealand 2. The series looks at NZ’s volcanic past, present and future. For the series we visited many of NZ’s lesser known volcanic spots as well as the more familiar ones. The work included 3 weeks at sea with a US/NZ survey team working on Brothers Volcano in the South Pacific and a shoot to see if we could find the PInk and White terraces.






Volcanic New Zealand | DoP | 3 x 45 - Making Movies

Highway Patrol Series 5 | Camera/Director | Greenstone

Go South | DP/Drone Pilot | Greenstone

Modern Dinosaurs | Evolution Islands | DoP | 6 x 45 - Making Movies

Rare Ep3 | DoP - WGBH

A Tale of Two Penguins | DoP - NHNZ

Island Fortresses | Camera  - NHNZ

New Zealand Mythical Islands | Nat Hist Camera - BBC2

Big Pacific Ep 2 | DoP - NHNZ | PBS | CCTV

Grand Designs Series 4 | Camera/Director - Imagination TV

Highway Patrol Series 3 | Camera / Director - Greenstone

Renters Camera / Director - Greenstone

Primeval New Zealand | Nat Hist Camera - NHNZ

Mutant Planet | Nat Hist Camera - NHNZ

Dark Days in Monkey City | DoP - NHNZ

HIgh Country Rescue | Camera/ Director - South Pacific Pictures

Emergency Medicine | DoP - PRN Films

Practicing Medicine | DoP - PRN Films

DOHA Heros | Camera - Rock Wallaby Productions

Serious Fun | Camera - Rock Wallaby Productions

Primeval Paradise | DoP | Direct | Edit - ELWIN Productions / NHNZ


Feature Documentary

The Unnatural History of the Kakapo | DoP | Director | Producer - ELWIN Productions

The Tipping Point (WT) | DP - Atara Films 

Short Documentary Film

Takahē, Return to the Wild | DoP | Director | Producer - ELWIN Productions

Kākāpō, The Night Parrot | Director | Editor - ELWIN Productions

Breakthrough, The Eighth Continent, Zealandia | Cinematographer - Curiosity Stream

The Catchment | DoP | Director | Producer - ELWIN Productions

The Dredge Master  | DoP | Director | Producer - ELWIN Productions

Recipes for Change | DoP | Director | Editor- ELWIN Productions / IFAD

Farming the Pomahaka  | DoP | Director | Producer - ELWIN Productions

Breathless | DoP | Edit - PRN Films

A Cure for Diabetes | DoP | Edit- PRN Films


Short Drama Film

Broken | Producer | Director - ELWIN Productions, Short Film Otago

Tush | Director - ELWIN Productions, Cue TV

Snip | DoP - Short Film Otago


Advertising / Corporate

Rabobank F2F videos - DoP | Edit

Night and Day Supermarkets | DoP- 6 x 15 seconders

Rabobank Dairy Farm Ownership Options | DoP | Direct | Edit

Rabobank Sheep and Beef Farm Ownership Options | DoP | Direct | Edit

Feltex Carpet Commercial | DoP

Sara Munro - ID Fashion/NZ Post | DoP

Otago Rescue Helicopter | DoP | Direct | Edit

Pryde Engineering | DoP | Direct | Edit

Cycle World | DoP | Direct | Edit

Study Dunedin | DoP | Direct | Edit

ADInstruments / DELSYS | DoP | Direct | Edit

MYTH Brand Agency | DoP | Direct | Edit

Rabobank Protect and Grow Workshop Animation | Writer | Director | Producer



Medical Training Videos | DoP - ADInstruments

Various Science | DoP - Science Learning Hub


Art / Music Video

Shelly McConaughy | DoP

Help Myself, The Big Lawn | DoP | Edit






Popular Broadcast Award, Wildscreen 2018

2018 New York Film Festvals, Gold World Medal


Official Selection New Zealand International Film Festival 2017

 The Unnatural History of the Kākāpō

Finalist, Best Feature Documentary, Qantas Film and TV Awards 2010

Best NZ Filmmaker, Reel Earth Film Festival 2010

Best Sound, Documentary Edge Festival 2010

Best Director, Documentary Edge Festival 2010

Best Cinematography, Documentary Edge Festival 2010

Merit Award, Human Wildlife Interaction, IWFF 2010, USA

Best Newcomer, CMS Vatavaran 2011, India

Best NZ Cinematography, Reel Earth Film Festival 2010

Winner, Best Ornithological Film, Menigoute Festival 2010

2nd Place Overall, Menigoute Festival 2010

Best Feature Documentary, Documentary Edge Festival 2010

 Primeval Paradise

Official Selection, Menigoute Festival 2007