Testing the FS7

Spent a couple of beautiful mornings testing the FS7 with and without the movi M10 gimbal.  Here's a couple of minutes of 4k 60fps, custom mode, cinema matrix setting.

Testing the FS7 on the Movi M10

Here's what we're testing tomorrow.  Still trying the camera out but first impressions are lovely, both to work with and picture wise.  Here we have mounted the camera onto the M10 gimbal using the camera viewfinder as a guide for the camera op and the iphone as the remote (connected using the wLAN to the camera).  Can it be this simple?  The only minor drawback is limitations on lens, it's difficult to centre the unit with cine primes (roll beams are too short and the camera needs to be too far back) unless you add weight and who wants to do that?  Could we extend the roll beams?  According to Freefly not a good idea as it needs to be reset and rebalanced and regigged.  Keen to hear from anyone that has added longer roll beams to their M10 though.

Christmas in Canterbury

Spent Xmas and New Year filming for Greenstone TV's HIghway Cops show.  I have a new found respect for the guys and girls responsible for patrolling our roads.  Most New Zealand drivers seem to be pretty good, it's the 1 or 2 idiots out there that make it dangerous for everyone.

Sony FS 7

Sony's latest offering to hit the market.  It looks like a great camera, an all in one package.  May have a Blackmagic BMCC  and BMPC 4K up for sale next month...

Sunny Dunedin

Spent yesterday morning at the beach with the Movi M10.  We're working with Myth on this.  It's part of a project for Study Dunedin, 4 short Webcommercials, proving that dunedin is the best place in the world to study AND live!

A Weekend Drama

Spent Sunday directing a short film for CueTV.  Tush, written by Margaret Thomson, starring Nigel Norse, Lynne Aldridge and Elisa Jones.    A busy day but a great crew.

Thanks to Christal Allpress, our makeup lady, for the photos.

Another Adventure!

On Codfish Island with the BBC and NDR filming some kakapo chicks and the kakapo recovery team.  Running 3 Infrared cameras from our 'forest studio' 20 meters from a kakapo nest.

Elwin is evolving

Elwin Production is always trying to find ways to improve what we do.  Elwin is not going anywhere but I have teamed up with a very good friend and we have decided to invest in a new venture and purchase some equipment that will help us reach new levels.

much more to follow....

Blackmagic 4K in the house

Well this weekend should be fun.  Out and about testing Blackmagic's new Ultra High Definition 4K Production Camera.

It survived a 2 minute test on the uglies in the office, the 4k pro res footage played back at 30fps on a macbook pro through Da Vinci Reslove without blinking and so far it's not started a fight with its younger brother the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.  The world is a nice place once again...

Finally a chance to sit down and try out the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Just finished grading a show for TV3 using Da Vinci Resolve.  What's great about Da Vinci Resolve is that if you buy the software Blackmagic pretty much throw in a nice little camera that shoots raw and pro res files.  Now I must admit the only reason i have this camera is because they took so long with the 4k version but hey.  The good news is that Blackmagic say the 4k camera will be shipping by the end of December.

But i've heard that before...

Shooting with the Phantom Flex

I recently had the pleasure of directing, shooting and editing a promo for ADInstruments on their newest cutting edge research equipment.  The concept involved a gymnast, some sticky transmitters and a laptop.  To show the gymnast off to the full we decided to shoot it on the Phantom high speed camera.  I had used the camera before and the images from it are great but the software was glitchy and it was a little more cumbersome to work with than i would have liked.  The phantom can shoot over 1000 frames per second.  Amazingly for  a camera with these capabilities there are small glitches in the software that means when you export the files from Phantom Viewer you need to follow a certain sequence, if you don't it will take just as long as if you had done it right but you will be left with just one frame of each shoot.  Yes i did do it wrong the first time round...  Using this type of camera is a big call for clients but the end results are worth it.  Produced by Myth, digital and brand agency.

Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K

Update 26 July:
It would appear that I was a tad optimistic about Blackmagic Designs cunning marketing strategy.

It appears that the BMPC 4K camera is not ready and the LA event contained the same units as at NAB.  The camera is not expected to ship until September at the earliest.  My biggest concern is the reports that the camera can only support 4k SDI out.  If that is correct it makes the camera a lot less useful.  They also appear to be having issues with the 1080p in camera down conversion, again a feature that for fast turn around work, was very useful.  Perhaps someone should read BM the story about the little boy that cried wolf.

The forum people are again getting irate at Blackmagic design for failing to keep people updated and not releasing any test footage.

If BM did release sample footage or even just a frame grab, would that really do this piece of equipment justice?  For the vast majority it would be viewed as a highly compressed HD video on vimeo.

If I was to launch a ground breaking camera like this, bearing in mind the standout factor here is the 4K for 4K aspect, i would want it to be first seen on a big screen with the images projected through a 4K projector to a big audience of people who really know what the !*$? a good image looks like.

BM still promise shipping in July, lets see what happens tomorrow...