Testing the FS7 on the Movi M10

Here's what we're testing tomorrow.  Still trying the camera out but first impressions are lovely, both to work with and picture wise.  Here we have mounted the camera onto the M10 gimbal using the camera viewfinder as a guide for the camera op and the iphone as the remote (connected using the wLAN to the camera).  Can it be this simple?  The only minor drawback is limitations on lens, it's difficult to centre the unit with cine primes (roll beams are too short and the camera needs to be too far back) unless you add weight and who wants to do that?  Could we extend the roll beams?  According to Freefly not a good idea as it needs to be reset and rebalanced and regigged.  Keen to hear from anyone that has added longer roll beams to their M10 though.