Shooting with the Phantom Flex

I recently had the pleasure of directing, shooting and editing a promo for ADInstruments on their newest cutting edge research equipment.  The concept involved a gymnast, some sticky transmitters and a laptop.  To show the gymnast off to the full we decided to shoot it on the Phantom high speed camera.  I had used the camera before and the images from it are great but the software was glitchy and it was a little more cumbersome to work with than i would have liked.  The phantom can shoot over 1000 frames per second.  Amazingly for  a camera with these capabilities there are small glitches in the software that means when you export the files from Phantom Viewer you need to follow a certain sequence, if you don't it will take just as long as if you had done it right but you will be left with just one frame of each shoot.  Yes i did do it wrong the first time round...  Using this type of camera is a big call for clients but the end results are worth it.  Produced by Myth, digital and brand agency.