Shape BMCC Shoulder Mount Review

Update 25th July 2013:

On customer service, the return was lightening fast, from NZ to Canada and back in under one week, plus Adorama paid for the postage.

Now I've had a chance to assemble the rig, i'm more than happy with it.  It sits well on the shoulder and with the battery plate placed underneath and behind the shoulder pad (take the batt plate on the above image and turn it upside down) it allows the camera op to hand hold a really steady shot.  The handle design works well, its really quick to adjust but as with any piece of gear with aluminium 'teeth' you need to be careful with it.  Attachments such as the audio adaptor,  EVF, follow focus, and matt box integrate well with plenty of options for placement and adjustment.

It is however heavy. But i guess once you've got a camera and battery, a good lens, and a couple of filters, any rig gets heavy after a while.  That why they invented Easyrigs.

8th July.

mmmmm, a wobbly handle, with no way to tighten the riveted join.  Not a good start.
The handle has been returned to shape to be replaced.  The rest of the rig is solid and seems well made.