High CRI, LED Lights

A batt powered 1x1 LED light is a great general purpose light to have but I've always been frustrated by the colours they produce.  The low CRI associated with almost all LED lights has, to date, impacted on their success.   Over the past 6 months everyone seems to have been clamouring to get higher CRI led lights out there.  It started with Kinoflo and the Celeb 200 but that came with a price tag of about $3000USD.

For the past few months Flolight have been working on upgrading their popular range of LED lights and it looks like they've succeeded.  They claim their daylight model, the 1024, has a CRI of 93+.  If that's true, and i have no reason to doubt it, that is great news.  For a little over 1000USD you can pick up one of these but you will still need to soften it and control it so you'll need gels, gel holder and barndoor.  If you go for the 60 degree model you may want an egg crate and if you go for the 30 degree model you may want a soft box.  So the price adds up but i think it's still good value.  The downside (yeah there's always a downside) is that it has taken a knock in term of LED life.  At 25000 hours that's half of its competitors.

The last year may have been the year of great value, great performing cameras, but the next 12 months may see some great advances in LED lighting.

Here's a link to an interesting article on Colour Rendering Index from coollights.