Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K

Update 26 July:
It would appear that I was a tad optimistic about Blackmagic Designs cunning marketing strategy.

It appears that the BMPC 4K camera is not ready and the LA event contained the same units as at NAB.  The camera is not expected to ship until September at the earliest.  My biggest concern is the reports that the camera can only support 4k SDI out.  If that is correct it makes the camera a lot less useful.  They also appear to be having issues with the 1080p in camera down conversion, again a feature that for fast turn around work, was very useful.  Perhaps someone should read BM the story about the little boy that cried wolf.

The forum people are again getting irate at Blackmagic design for failing to keep people updated and not releasing any test footage.

If BM did release sample footage or even just a frame grab, would that really do this piece of equipment justice?  For the vast majority it would be viewed as a highly compressed HD video on vimeo.

If I was to launch a ground breaking camera like this, bearing in mind the standout factor here is the 4K for 4K aspect, i would want it to be first seen on a big screen with the images projected through a 4K projector to a big audience of people who really know what the !*$? a good image looks like.

BM still promise shipping in July, lets see what happens tomorrow...