Back to basics.

My career began with a hobby - wildlife photography.  Unfortunately over the past few years filmmaking and family life have taken over and, with the exception of family photos, i've had less and less time and desire to head out with a stills camera and capture images.  Over the past few weeks i've been in search of a hobby and I've decided to return to my stills camera, but keeping it as a 'pressure free' past-time.  I've even added a still page to the website with some recent photos.  Here's a couple from the weekend trip to Orokonui ecosanctuary.  


The RED Gemini S35

Many thanks to Greg at CR Kennedy LTD for sending their demo camera down to Dunedin for a few days.  We're a bit out of the way down here and it's great to get the opportunity to give the Red Gemini a quick test and see if it's the right tool for the next project. 


Much has been said about the Gemini's low light capability and there's a good amount of 'test' footage online but being new to Red i wanted to see how easy it was to work with and what the images were like straight off the camera.  It's a very different beast to the Sony FS7, a camera thats done me well over the past 3 years but it may be time to add another tool to the tool kit...






Gear Testing

We want to get some cool angles on cyclists for a shoot next week.  Testing the Movi M10 gimbal on the side of the vehicle.  Loaded with an FS7, wireless follow focus and wireless HD downlink.